Pipeline & Construction

Pipelines & Construction

At the centre of Plummers Project Services core offering is the construction of pipelines. From the city of Perth to the most remote corners of Australia, PPS is fully equipped to meet all your pipeline design management, supply and installation requirements.

Our highly experienced team specialises in installing various types of piping systems, including HDPE, DICL, Carbon Steel, MSCL, PVC, GRP, and FRP.

Whether your project necessitates above-ground or subterranean pipework, for potable, raw, or recycled water, or if your focus is on network or bulk water transfer, our team is ready and able to assist you in managing the design of an optimally tailored pipe system to meet your unique needs. With our industry-specific knowledge and extensive experience, we are equipped to offer informed guidance on every facet of pipeline construction, pump station establishment, or pipe network development. Your project’s success is our priority, and we’re committed to ensuring the delivery of a solution that is both technically sound and pragmatically efficient.

To ensure top-quality construction and maximise productivity, our pipeline construction fleet is equipped with state-of-the-art Vietz and McElroy pipe welding equipment. This advanced equipment not only enhances construction traceability but also streamlines the construction process, ensuring efficient and precise results. We are proud to incorporate Vietz Pipe handling vacuum-lifts into our fleet, revolutionising pipe handling by eliminating the need for ground-based personnel during pipe unloading and string operations.

When it comes to small bore, tie-in, and critical pipe welds, we rely on our extensive range of rugged Dixon welding machines. These Australian-made units are specifically designed to withstand the challenging environments commonly encountered in our projects, providing reliable and durable welds.

Furthermore, we have a dedicated fleet of specialised trenching, bedding, and backfilling equipment designed for pipeline and services projects, with the capability and expertise to ensure your project is completed safely and on schedule, every time.

Choose Plummers Project Services for reliable and efficient pipeline construction that meets the highest industry standards.

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