Site Infrastructure

Site Infrastructure

Experts in delivering comprehensive site infrastructure tailored to your specific needs, our own highly experienced team and diverse range of capabilities, we possess the expertise and resources to handle all aspects of site infrastructure installations with precision and efficiency.

Our services include the supply and installation of various infrastructure components, such as tanks, pump stations, and water storage facilities. We have the expertise to ensure efficient and reliable systems for water management and storage on your site.

Leaning on our other capabilities; we excel in the installation of buried infrastructure, including HV cables, conduits, power systems, communication networks, and drainage infrastructure. Our team is experienced in working with these essential components to ensure their proper installation and functionality.

We pride ourselves on having a diverse and multi-skilled workforce that enables us to tackle a broad range of site infrastructure requirements.

Some of the site infrastructure solutions we offer include:

  • Pipes: We can supply and install pipes for various applications, ensuring proper distribution of utilities and services.
  • Stand Pipes: Our team can provide and install standpipes, which are essential for accessing water or other resources on-site.
  • Truck Fill Stations: We have the capability to install truck fill stations, enabling convenient and efficient filling of vehicles or equipment.

At PPS, we are committed to delivering high-quality site infrastructure solutions. We prioritise efficiency, reliability, and functionality in all our installations. Our goal is to provide you with a well-designed and properly installed infrastructure that meets your specific needs.

By choosing PPS for your site infrastructure requirements, you can rely on our expertise, extensive equipment fleet, and skilled workforce to deliver exceptional results. We are dedicated to ensuring the smooth and successful operation of your site infrastructure, contributing to the overall efficiency and productivity of your project.