Sheet Metal

Sheet Metal


Plummers Industries Sheet Metal works makes all of the metal components used for in-house manufacture, as well as taking in general processing and fabrication work for outside clients.

Cutting, punching and bending are all computer numerically controlled, to ensure accuracy and consistency in manufacture.


Focussing on precision, safety and a commitment to service, Plummers Industries are constantly evolving as we expand our capabilities and take on progressively complex projects.

We are dedicated to offering the most optimal and cost effective method of sheet metal and fabrication works in our 20,000sqm factory that contains maintained sophisticated machinery and controlled by our highly trained staff.

Quality and consistent workmanship to industry standards such as AS4130, AS4131, AS2885 and ISO21307.

Powder Coating

Plummers Industries has its own in-house, semi-automated powder coating system, which has the capacity to take on out-side work.