Our management team are widely respected for their extensively industry experience. The have spent many years on-site, in fabrication workshops and in management to bring you experience behind the advice.

We are more than just poly. Our management and site installation teams have experience across most piping systems including HDPE, GRP, DICL, MSCL, PVC and many more. We also have experience across the water sector, from well drilling and borefields through to water transfer and treatment.

Our management and engineering teams have been selected because of their experience across infrastructure, construction and mining. They have spent many years in the field working across the resources industries including Iron Ore, Gold and Base Metals. This has seen them gain experience throughout the Pilbara, Goldfields, Gascoyne, Kimberley and South West. Each of these regions have their own unique challenges from remoteness, environment, ground conditions and water quality. They understand what works well in one location does not mean that it works well somewhere else.

The team also has a breadth of experience across operations and major construction projects and are familiar with the unique challenges that each present. Be it interfacing with a brownfields site and interacting with mining or being completely self-sufficient in a greenfields environment and having to interface with other contractors on critical path works, we know what it takes to get your job completed.