Water Treatment Services

Water Treatment Services

Our Water Treatment Solutions team at PPS is dedicated to providing comprehensive and effective water treatment solutions. We start by conducting thorough water quality testing, employing both field and laboratory analysis methods based on the specific application. This testing enables us to gather crucial data on groundwater quality, characteristics, and composition, allowing us to determine the most suitable treatment method.

In addition to water quality testing, we conduct in-depth reviews of relevant geotechnical reports and perform internal soil investigations. If required, we also perform onsite test spearing to gain a comprehensive understanding of the site conditions and determine the optimal abstraction method. With these valuable insights, our experienced team at PPS designs tailored and efficient water treatment solutions.

Our primary focus is on implementing solutions that not only meet the required environmental legislation but also align with the goals, budget, and time frame of our clients. We understand the significance of delivering effective and sustainable water treatment solutions that adhere to regulatory requirements while meeting the specific needs of our clients.

When you choose PPS for your water treatment project, we take full ownership and responsibility for the contracted works. We are deeply committed to providing reliable and efficient water management solutions, continuously striving to improve and develop new methodologies and technologies in the field of wastewater and groundwater management.

Our team of Water Treatment professionals possesses extensive skills and experience, ensuring that you receive exceptional service and expertise throughout your project. We are dedicated to delivering industry-leading water treatment solutions that consistently meet the highest standards of quality, compliance, and environmental sustainability.

Selecting PPS for your water treatment needs means placing your trust in our professionals who will work diligently to provide effective and tailored solutions, exceeding your expectations at every step of the way.

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