Raising Industry Standards: Unveiling the PPS Mobile Plant Protocol

In an industry where safety and operational efficiency must be continually challenged, PPS Water Group is once again paving the way forward.

With the launch of the innovative mobile plant protocol, we are not just meeting industry standards; we are setting them.

A Leap Forward in Safety
The ‘PPS’ (Plan, Positive Communication & System of Work) protocol is a comprehensive approach with application for the mining and gas sector, making it a world first in safety and operational conduct around mobile plant machinery.

The protocol is based on three foundational stages:

1. Plan: Safety starts with meticulous planning.
The planning stage sets the project for success by actively scheduling work and positioning mobile plant so there is space to separate the activities. With at least 50 metres separation, or where it cannot be achieved robust barricading measures such as windrows and A-frames are implemented, setting a new benchmark in pre-emptive risk mitigation. By defining clear physical barriers, we ensure both mobile plant and ground personnel operate in harmony, yet safely apart; a method proven to significantly minimise workplace hazards.

2. Positive Communication: Within 50 metres.
The PPS demands high standards and mandatory positive communication when entering a 50 metre radius around mobile plant operations. Before any other mobile plant or ground personnel enter this zone, they must establish clear and positive communication. This requirement is grounded in extensive research that highlights effective communication as crucial for safety in high-risk environments. This proactive approach aims to drastically reduce the likelihood of incidents.

3. System of Work: Detail-oriented and rigorously documented systems of work.
This includes Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) and specific lifting and mobile plant operation protocols. By insisting on comprehensive documentation and supervisor approvals, a culture of safety and compliance is reinforced. Additionally, the use of safety tools like push-pull sticks and tag lines further ensures that operations are executed without risks to personnel.

Setting the Standard Across Four Pillars
PPS Water Group’s commitment to “setting the standard” resonates through every facet of our operations.
The PPS protocol not only advances safety but also aligns with the company’s ethos of leading the future of the industry, prioritising clients, cultivating our people, and innovating technology.
By introducing this transformative protocol, we not only aim to protect our own workforce but also to inspire the industry at large to elevate safety and performance standards.

As we look to a safer and more efficient future in heavy industry, the PPS protocol sets the standard of innovation and excellence.

At PPS Water Group, it’s not just about adhering to compliance, it’s about redefining the parameters.

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